Introducing The Proactive Strategy Success System

A four-phase process that helps you develop the skills essential for leadership. Learn how to maximize your strengths, improve your weaknesses and align your unique qualities to your purpose. You'll complete the system feeling confident in your future; competent in your skills and abilities and see yourself as a credible contender for your dream career. You'll be empowered to manage your career on your terms. Here's how our system works:

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In this foundational phase, you will learn all about you: Your values, how you communicate, your strengths/weaknesses and what else motivates you. From there, you will build your purpose statement and dream list. You will then set your career goals and create a strategy. By the end of this phase, you will be clear on what you want in your career and have a road map to get there.

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The focus of this phase is to acquire the necessary skills you need to be a successful executive leader. Discovering your leadership style, this process involves a shift in your mindset from managing tasks to creating vision and executing strategy. By the end of this phase, you will have developed the essential qualities to become an exceptional executive leader.

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In this phase, you will learn how be comfortable in your own skin while positioning yourself as a qualified leader who is ready to advance. You will learn how to protect your reputation (brand) and how to project your personality while staying the consummate professional. And, you will form your personal image team to help you maintain your brand. By the end of this phase, you will look, sound and act like the competent, confident and credible leader you are.

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Executive Coaching

Managing your career is important because it helps you review/reflect where you are and whether you are on the path to where you want to be. Coaching provides the foundation for you to maximize your performance.

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Throughout your career, you may experience challenges such as bias, motivating your staff, getting promoted, work-home conflicts, ethics conflicts, external demands, expectations, and other crises that may affect you. Coaching will help you put everything in perspective and get you back on track. The Qualified Leader Executive Coaching program is a coaching program to help you overcome workplace issues. You'll have your own special team to help you navigate your career journey.

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